Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 6....

  • Well I couldn't sleep until about 6am which meant I slept my day away
  • So did not feel like exercising but I forced myself to get a little in anyway
  • It would have been easy to say to myself its okay to skip it since the scale went down today
  • Tomorrow is dinner out with the parents for Father's Day to a buffet
  • I plan to eat slowly, drink lots of water and stick mostly to raw salad veggies & fish
  • Had half protein shake and my supplements, 1 quart of water before exercise
  • Exercise consisted of kettlebell circuits, each circuit 6 minutes followed by a 2 minute rest
  • Completed 3 circuits for a total of 24 minutes which was so hard. I am such a wimp.
  • I then sat down to rest and breathe and caught up on my twitter
  • Just now I finished up the last of my wimpy exercise
  • Treadmill Intervals: 1 minute walk 4mph followed by 1 minute run (or jog but for me I am not a runner and it feels like running with my lungs!) at 6mph.....all at an incline of 5 which says it burned 111 calories in 10 minutes and I went 0.83 mile
  • I wanted to do 15 minutes or more but the last time I pushed myself I was sick with my breathing (asthma) and muscle issues (neuromuscular disorder) for about 2 I stopped.
  • Its hard because I am an all or nothing girl and once I get in the groove of restriction and exercise, well I want to restrict as much as I can and exercise for very long periods of time, every day
  • Now that my health is so messed up, I can't do either but in my head I soooooo want to!
  • Ok, I am off to shower after the exercise and will update before I sleep with my total intake, exercise and net calories for the day!
  • Wish me luck tomorrow not only with the food but something is going on with my parents and I am not sure sister had said mom didn't come to their house for Memorial day because she was said in an email the other night dad was I emailed and asked if he had what she had over Memorial day or was she just using illness to get out of going that day and she said she was sad that day and now she thinks that dad is very sad, then she asked me to delete the email and not send that I am not sure if its because they had been fighting or if it has to do with them spending time at my Grandpa's (dad's dad) house cleaning things out (he passed away January 2008 and his birthday would have been this month) or if maybe my brother has done something again.....she said she will tell me when she can but I am not sure if we will get the chance tomorrow if she can't talk about it in front of dad......oh and after dinner we are heading to visit my Grandma (mom's mom and my last living grandparent) and there will be lots of relatives there....ugh. I am not even good with that situation when I am not fat.....
  • Ok, hope you all are doing well.....I will update totals later.
  • I ended up doing a 20 minute sauna before my shower.....125 degrees and tiring!
  • Totals for today: Intake 573, exercise (including sauna) 361 leaving me with a net calories of 212

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