Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Follow me....

  • Heading to bed after working 12 hours and driving almost an hour each way
  • Successful night with supplements & two half protein shakes: total 175 for Monday
  • Goal is not that low everyday but after my binge Sunday and subsequent purge, well that is more like it
  • I had another private blog and have been on xanga for years but needed a new one
  • I work tonight too but hope to get on here Wednesday and get to know more people
  • I will explain more about myself then too
  • I have to welcome ana back because all of the bingeing (semi frequent but not nearly enough purging) and weight gain.....well its way past time to lose all of this grotesque fat!
  • Success will be mine and all of my tiny clothes will fit me AGAIN, never to leave.....
  • I will get a link up later but if anyone is on twitter, follow me at this

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