Friday, June 5, 2009

hiding it all away, briefly

  • Well I need to drag myself out of bed earlier so I am off to bed
  • Lots of cleaning before my parents get here at 2pm Friday
  • There is all of the regular cleaning
  • There is the removal of all that hangs around the house, the lamp shades, the bathroom, the kitchen on cabinets & name it, its all up again to help me stay on track with no binges
  • It won't need to be up forever but for now the need is there
  • Pictured below are not my dream jeans I am longing to be in but they are cute and a size three so they are up in the kitchen since those will fit long before the 00's......
  • The other is my bathroom mirror.....I can focus on it instead of my reflection since I try not to directly look
  • Yep, I am screwed up but what can you expect since I have had these issues for 30 years? Hard wired and wish it had never begun......

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