Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tired but not sleepy yet.....

Hey everyone. Long time no blog :) Sorry, time seems to slip away from me more then I would like these days. I am hoping to take Sunday to check up on all of you via blogs and twitter!

Anyone have a great weekend? I have been spending a lot of quality time with the hubby so I have to say its a great weekend! I have not had to leave the house and well, I like that too! Another thing that made it nice? While hubby tried to get me to eat junk/sugar on Friday, he did not on Saturday. He continues to eat his while I eat my lower calorie veggies, chicken, etc. It still would be easier if he would diet too so that I didn't see his food or smell it.....because while I wish that I did not want that food, I do.

I just have finally had enough of this chunk and am going to get rid of it. It would have made for a much nicer summer if I could have gotten myself under control and have been at goal for summer and able to wear all of my amazing tiny wardrobe......but this will be my last fat summer.

Its not coming off easy but I am working on it and I won't give up. I will see those beautiful numbers to be proud of again. I will see all of my bones......its unfortunate really that some show now because they will be a bit too there when at goal......but once the chest bones show, I will feel pretty good (I hope). I wish they would all be similar because even at high weights my spine and clavicles show, so when I lost all of that, well they are too prominent and hard to hide and I really do not like to draw attention to myself!

I am trying to do more weight lifting then last time and eat more protein. I am hoping that this will allow me to lose more fat and not muscle, possibly making me tiny and lean and not with the unhealthy, frail, ready to pass out look? Of course I am not planning to go as low I did before either......I only hope once I am in the groove and so close that I can stop myself from getting unhealthy as I have done damage to my health already and do not want to add more!

Anyone see Tosh O on the comedy channel? Watching some of the most hilarious videos right now! Too funny. I really need to get some sleep soon though......I still have not gotten the time right on my blog posts....its really after 3am here!

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